The DESY Innovation Factory

Shaping the Future of Quantum Technologies in Hamburg

Source: DESY

On January 25, 2024, a pivotal planning meeting for “Training- and Transfer-Labs in Quantum Technologies” in the future “DESY Innovation Factory” took place at the “Center for Optical Quantum Technologies” at the Universität Hamburg and hosted by Klaus von Lepel from “Hamburg Authority for Science, Research, Equality, and Districts” (BWFGB).  Under the guidance of Dr. Ing. Soner Emec and Benedikt-Sebastian Mehmel from our Hamburg Quantum Innovation Capital (hqic) team, key stakeholders including  representatives and experts in Quantumcomputing Prof. Klaus Sengstock and Prof. Henning Moritz from the Universität Hamburg,  Prof. Andreas Timm-Giel from Technische Universität Hamburg,  Prof. Carlos Jahn from Fraunhofer CML,  Hans Joerg Wiese and Denny Droßmann from Planning team of DESY Innovation Factory,  as well as delegates from the Hamburger Senat to establish best practices for training and transfer labs in quantum technology. 🧠

Quantum Technologies made in Hamburg

The core aim is to foster an outstanding infrastructure along the entire quantum technology value chain. This strategic move is designed to enhance Hamburg’s appeal to scientific talent, skilled professionals, and businesses, while also simplifying the launch process for quantum entrepreneurs starting up with innovative technologies. 🚀

By 2027, the DESY Innovation Factory is set to become a central hub for startups and a cutting-edge research center for life sciences and new materials, as part of the vibrant Science City Bahrenfeld. With the support of both federal and city funds, this collaborative incubator for high-tech innovation will bring together researchers and industry leaders to develop groundbreaking solutions. Offering two strategic locations, the DESY Innovation Factory is committed to propelling Hamburg into a dynamic future of science and industry collaboration.

A global destination for Quantum Technologies

This meeting marks a significant step towards positioning Hamburg as a leading global destination for quantum technologies. It highlights the city’s dedication to creating a conducive environment for innovation, where academia and industry can collaborate effectively to achieve technological breakthroughs with far-reaching impacts.

We stand at the cusp of a new era in quantum technology, and with these collaborative efforts, Hamburg is poised to lead the charge. Join us in this exciting journey as we pave the way for a thriving ecosystem that promises to drive economic growth and scientific advancement.

Autor: Dr. – Ing. Soner Emec

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