From basic research to the market: The highly specialized quantum technology ecosystem of the Hamburg metropolitan region offers ideal conditions for the diverse, demanding and complex innovation projects in the field of quantum technologies. Hamburg is a nationally and internationally excellent location that combines basic research and the next quantum generation with the potential of a strong, innovation-driven business location and multi-layered financing and funding measures.


Hamburg Quantum Innovation Capital: Your gateway to funding in the field of quantum technology

In cooperation with the Hamburg Investment and Development Bank (IFB Hamburg), the Hamburg Ministry of Economics and Innovation (BWI) and Hamburg Quantum Innovation Capital (hqic), attractive, long-term funding measures and the necessary networks are offered to support companies, start-ups and research institutions in their innovative projects. The funding measures address the important strategic key factors of quantum technologies: from talent and the next generation quantum, skilled workers, feasibility studies and support for start-ups as well as research and development.

  1. The Next Generation Quantum: European QT Summer School
  2. Excellent Workforce: Education and Training Program
  3. Quantum Readiness: Fast Check Quantum Technologies
  4. Start-Up Funding: Fonding Innovative Start-Ups
  5. R&D Funding: Funding for Corporations and Universities

Funding categories 3-5 are part of the IFB’s quantum computing funding initiative to promote quantum technologies in Hamburg: R&D projects and start-ups, companies and universities/research institutions are supported with a total funding volume of 10 million euros.


1. The Next Generation Quantum: European QT Summer School

Through the European QT Summer School, hqic supports the next generation of quantum and offers companies the opportunity to establish contacts and exchange ideas with the specialists of tomorrow: As part of the European association and network of excellent quantum technology hubs, the “European Quantum Campus“, hqic organizes and promotes the European QT Summer School with the Quantum Technology Akeur:innen from France, the Netherlands and Germany. Funded by hqic, Hamburg students have the unique opportunity to delve deeper into the field of quantum technology and engage in a close, international exchange with excellent research, start-ups and companies.

For more information, see our blog post.


2. Excellent Workforce: Education and Training Program

The education and training of specialists is key to the future development of quantum technologies in industry. As an associated partner of the “QTIndu” industrial training project funded by the European Commission, hqic therefore provides free access to training and further education courses and workshops for industry. From small and medium-sized enterprises to large companies: The courses address all positions within a company, be it business leader, manager or engineer and are structured along all relevant business sectors, such as telecommunications, healthcare, finance, logistics or pharmaceuticals.


3. Quantum Readiness: Quantum Technologies

Opening up the market for quantum technologies and the associated development of a use case in your own company are complex undertakings. To increase the quantum readiness of your company, IFB Hamburg offers financial support for feasibility studies and potential analyses as part of the IFB funding initiative Quantum Computing. In a low-threshold procedure, the potential and feasibility of quantum technologies in your own company is made possible within 6 to 12 months with companies within the IFB “PROFI” funding programs.


4. Start-Up Funding: Funding Innovative Start-Ups

Start-ups are an important driver and key to the development of quantum technologies. The Hamburg quantum technology ecosystem therefore offers attractive start-up and funding conditions. As part of the IFB’s quantum computing funding initiative, IFB Innovationsstarter GmbH supports funding for technology-oriented young, innovative companies and start-ups in the field of quantum technologies in Hamburg. Here, hqic is an important point of contact for start-ups, supports the application process, ensures networking in the Hamburg QT ecosystem and handles the technical and scientific assessment process.


5. R&D Funding: Funding for Corporations and Universities

The transfer of quantum technologies from basic research to application is a high priority in Hamburg. For this reason, IFB Hamburg supports innovative individual projects by companies and cooperation projects between Hamburg universities, research institutions and companies as part of the IFB’s quantum computing funding initiative. Here, hqic is an important contact for networking with cooperation partners, supports the application process and manages the technical and scientific evaluation process.

Please contact us if you are interested in the funding programs and further information. You can reach us at the following e-mail address: info(at)