How are quantum technologies funded in Hamburg?

Dr. Carsten Lohmann is Head of OU Innovation Promotion at the Hamburgische Investitions- und Förderbank. We spoke to him to find out more about the various funding opportunities in the field of quantum technologies in Hamburg.

How are quantum technologies funded in Hamburg?

On behalf of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, IFB Hamburg supports innovative research and development projects of companies and cooperating universities and research institutions as well as innovative start-ups in the field of quantum computing with grants and equity capital. No new guidelines have been issued for this purpose, but the existing innovation funding programs will receive additional budget in order to be able to flexibly support quantum computing projects. The specific funding conditions depend on the respective program conditions.

How high is the funding budget for quantum technologies in Hamburg?

IFB Hamburg has been allocated an additional funding budget of €10 million for quantum computing.

Who are the funding measures intended for?

The funding measures are aimed at innovative companies and start-ups that want to research and develop new products, processes and services in the field of quantum computing, be it in the design of novel quantum computer systems and components or through their application, e.g. in the field of optimization or encryption. This involves not only the actual quantum computing hardware but also other enabling technologies associated with the topic, such as customized software solutions. Many sectors can benefit from this, from logistics and biotechnology to the energy industry.

How do you rate the quantum ecosystem in Hamburg?

The quantum computing ecosystem in Hamburg has great potential. The task now is to transfer the basic knowledge available at universities and leading companies into practical applications in a short space of time. Hamburg’s business clusters, such as logistics and aviation, offer excellent opportunities for this.

Do you have further questions? Then come to our “Quantum Readiness” event on November 29 at Hamburg’s Dockland. Here we will talk about funding opportunities and use cases for quantum technologies in the Hanseatic city. You can register for the event here.