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European Quantum Technology Summer School

This summer, we’re offering a unique opportunity for students. In collaboration with NRW and French and Dutch quantum technology initiatives, we host the European Quantum Technology Summer School. A select group of 50 students will have an extraordinary experience in Strasbourg. The summer school is scheduled from July 8 to July 12. If you’re aiming to pursue a Master’s degree, intrigued by the fascinating world of quantum technologies, you can seize this opportunity to participate through HQIC.

What awaits you

Selected students will be immersed in a comprehensive program. Fees, hotel, and travel costs are fully covered. The summer school will be conducted in English:

Exploring Quantum Technologies: Dive into the world of quantum computing, communication, sensing, and key enabling technologies through sessions led by renowned experts.

Interactive Exchanges: Engage with innovative start-ups through presentations, participate in lively discussions, and seize networking opportunities.

Personal Development: Sharpen your collaboration and intercultural communication skills, which are essential assets for your future.


Location: Strasbourg offers a unique environment for quantum technologies. Here, the latest technologies meet a great scientific history in the heart of Europe. Founded in 1538, the University of Strasbourg is associated with five Nobel Prizes. The European Center for Quantum Science at the university stands for innovation in quantum research and its applications.

Want to be part of the programm?

Apply now. Deadline for application is on April 30 2024. You can find all the information here.