Research into quantum technologies

4.9 million euros for the calculation of flows

Prof. Dr Dieter Jaksch conducts research at the Department of Physics at the University of Hamburg. He coordinates the project, which aims to harness the possibilities of quantum computing for industrial applications in fluid mechanics. Photo: Oxford Martin School, Fisher Studios

Quantum technologies promise faster solutions to many scientific and technological questions. For the calculation of fluid flows using quantum technology, a consortium led by Prof. Dr. Dieter Jaksch from the University of Hamburg is receiving EU funding of 4.9 million euros.

Scientific and technological progress in numerous fields is determined by the ability to accurately predict and optimise complex fluid flows. This applies to the natural and life sciences, including climate research, as well as the chemical, energy, automotive, aircraft and shipbuilding industries. For example, optimising cooling systems for car batteries is an important flow problem in electromobility.

However, the wide range of simultaneously occurring spatial structures in combination with different typical times in which these processes take place poses great challenges for researchers. The possibilities currently available for calculating such flows are not sufficient to meet the future requirements of users from science and industry.

“We are meeting this challenge by developing a quantum software framework for industrially relevant problems in computational fluid dynamics,” says Prof. Dr. Dieter Jaksch from the Department of Physics at the University of Hamburg, who will coordinate the project “QCFD – Quantum Computational Fluid Dynamics”. The project will make the possibilities of quantum computing usable for industrial applications of fluid mechanics.

Jaksch moved from the University of Oxford to the University of Hamburg just under a year ago and is now conducting research in the Cluster of Excellence “CUI: Advanced Imaging of Matter”. Together with those involved in the project, he will work closely with users from the field to find out what demands they have for software and hardware in connection with quantum technologies.

The project is funded under the EU Commission’s Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Activities (RIA) and is expected to start on 1 November 2022. In addition to the research group from the University of Hamburg, the research network includes researchers from the Technical University of Hamburg, the Technical University of Crete, the University of Innsbruck, Forschungszentrum Jülich and the software company ENGYS Italia.

A more detailed presentation of the project can be found on the Seiten des Exzellenzclusters „CUI: Advanced Imaging of Matter“.

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